Fuck (A brand New World)


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FUCK (a brand new world)

I refuse, to be the next one
who follows your mistakes.
I'll stand forever for something
cos i won't fall for anything.

I'm not the one to blame for something i never did
i stand tall and not broken
from all the words you've left unspoken
Old regrets means new mistakes
i want to live forever and not just die in vain.
Old regrets means new mistakes.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath,
trying to find my place in this.
(I close my eyes)
You're still screaming my name to a deaf ear
(I refuse to hear)

It's time to leave the past to where it should be
and start to be someone i've never been
And if there's a war you came to see
there won't be any white flag in front of me.
So i'll be sure to make you remember about me.

I am no villain and i've learned my own lesson
so think before you fucking speak
And I know that ive done wrong but i have learned
and I won't make the same mistakes.

I won't make the same mistakes.

Get up!

(I 'm not same as you)
and i won't make the same mistakes
(i won't, i won't)
your time is running out.
(I 'm not same as you)
and i won't make the same mistakes
(and now, your time)
your time is running out.


from Locals Only - Farewell EP, track released May 28, 2013



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